March 2018

March 2018 – NASA Selects Fibertek for Two New Phase II SBIRS:

Fibertek is proud to support the NASA mission with these 2 new Phase II SBIR efforts:

H9.01-8624 – High Power WDM Space Lasercom 1.5um Fiber Laser Transmitter
Fibertek will develop and demonstrate a spaceflight prototype of a wideband, high power 50W, 1.5-um fiber laser transmitter, supporting high data rate wavelength-division-multiplexed (WDM) operation for space optical communication links. The fiber laser transmitter can support many channels in the Erbium C-band for deep space PPM applications and earth GEO core and relay networks. The new laser com transmitter support 10x scaling of the average and peak power performance compared to earlier space-qualified 1.5-um transmitter with record efficiency for space transmitters. The new transmitter supports broad scale use of WDM and DWDM channels. enables >>100x data-rate scaling of current space laser communication links.

S.1.01-8776 – High Speed Frequency Locking Module for Lidar Based Remote Sensing System
To date, most lasers used in DIAL systems rely on piezo-electric (PZT) mechanisms for the cavity length changes needed for the frequency switching. This relatively slow frequency switching prevents researchers from fully exploiting DIAL systems utilizing the high efficiency, multi-kHz lasers.  We propose an all electro-optic (EO) based switching and locking module, a compact and efficient EO driver design that reduces voltage requirements by 4x over conventional designs, a novel EO voltage profile that eliminates electrochromic darkening, and a larger off-set locking capability that eliminates the requirement for an additional phase shifter in the cavity.