Fibertek has been selected for these 5 new Phase I SBIR efforts:

S1.01 -1.65um Pulsed Laser for Space Based Winds – Fibertek, Inc. will develop a single-frequency, Er:YAG laser transmitter to advance the technological readiness level (TRL) of a key technology component of the 3D wind measurements.

S1.01-Dual Pulsed Pump Laser for Trace Gas Detection – Fibertek will develop a novel space-qualifiable, double pulse 1064 nm laser and related technologies for use as a pump laser in airborne and space-based trace gas lidar remote sensing systems. The goal is an injection seeded laser system with two closely spaced (~100-200 µs), 600 mJ pulses at 50 Hz that is an innovative synthesis of both new and recently developed Fibertek technologies. The design will advance the state of the art in laser performance by decreasing the size by 2x and increasing the efficiency by over 80% in a purely conductively cooled package needed for space-based applications compared to other recently developed systems.

Z7.01- Planetary Landing Lidar – The Planetary Landing Lidar Sensor (PLLS) requires advancement in resolution, range, and processing rate in comparison to other landing/proximity lidars.  Fibertek will optimize the design of a single photon sensitive lidar architecture for the extreme environments and SWaP constraints associated with planetary exploration missions.  Our system architecture incorporates radiation hardened sensors, novel real-time processing algorithms and a space-qualified laser transmitter laser system.

A2.02- Aircraft and UAS Quantum Key Distribution – Fibertek will enhance our existing compact optical communications terminal, initially developed under a NASA Select SBIR program, by adding the capability for Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). The addition of QKD ensures secure transmission of encryption keys for encrypted communication with unmanned aerial systems. This UAS QKD system could also be used to share keys between two ground locations, allowing point-to-point communication with the security of quantum distributed keys without the necessity of a dedicated fiber-optic connection.  Fibertek’s approach implements several novel techniques increasing the key transfer rate and simplified hardware implementation on the transmitter and receiver compared to previous demonstrations.

Z8.02 -Technologies Enabling Distributed Spacecraft Missions (DSM) – Fibertek will develop new ultra-low SWaP-c technology that transforms our TRL-8 Compact LaserCom Terminal (CLCT) for low earth orbits into a Distributed Spacecraft Missions (DSM) terminal capable of laser communications and ranging to support small satellite intersatellite links (ISLs) as well as deep space downlinks to Earth or relay satellites. The technologies developed addresses a pointing solution that will allow multi-link connectivity with 4 pi steradian coverage and also a SCPPM transceiver card that enables operation over a large range of distances.