May 2016: Fibertek Kicks-off five Advanced Technology SBIRs

Fibertek, Inc. is proud to announce the award of five 2016 SBIR Proposals and one 2016 STTR Proposal.  Of the six total awards, five are Phase I awards and one is a Phase II award.   The following NASA and DoD  Proposals were awarded:

(NASA Phase I SBIR):   Spaceflight 1.94um Tm Fiber Laser Transmitter
Fibertek will develop a spaceflight prototype 1940 nm, 100 W thulium (Tm) laser suitable for NASA spaceflight and long-duration unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) missions. The innovation demonstrates 100 W of polarization maintaining (PM) performance at 1940 nm with  a 2x to 3x improvement in efficiency. The technology has potential for Lidar applications for CO2, Water Vapor and Methane coherent LIDAR and 3D Wind Lidar.

(NASA Phase I SBIR):   High Speed Lasercom Signal Processing and Ground Station
Fibertek will develop a modular optical ground station architecture that can scale to hundreds of Gbps data rates from lunar and near-earth orbits in a gradual, low-cost, readably scalable manner accommodating the Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) network standards and in the future supporting multiple protocols.

(NASA Phase I STTR):   Ultra-Compact Transmitter for Space-Based Lidar
Fibertek, Inc., in partnership with researchers at the Pennsylvania State University Center for Innovative Materials Processing through Direct Digital Deposition (CIMP-3D), proposed to develop a state of the art, space-qualifiable laser transmitter that meets the requirements of a flash lidar system that can be used for autonomous landing and docking.

(NASA Phase II SBIR):   Novel Solid State Lasers for Space-Based Water Vapor DIAL
In this Phase II program, Fibertek will develop novel laser transmitters needed for planned airborne and space-based active remote sensing missions. This program will build on successful Phase I work to provide a Technology Readiness Level 4 (TRL-4) laboratory brass-board demonstrator of a new laser source for Differential Absorption Lidar (DIAL) measurements of atmospheric water vapor with secondary capability for methane characterization as well.

(DoD Phase I SBIR):  Navy SBIR Phase I- Novel Fiber-Coupled Laser Range Finder
Fibertek will develop a fiber-coupled device to allow the LRF transceiver to be located below the waterline. This will free up space within the periscope in addition to reducing the heat signature above the waterline.

(DoD Phase I SBIR): Army SBIR Phase I – Variable Pulsewidth, Variable Energy Laser Source Fibertek will develop an innovative and flexible laser resonator design that incorporates adjustable time-dependent cavity gain to produce a user selectable pulsewidth for testing and characterization of Semi-active Laser seekers, required by the US Army