Fibertek is supporting the NASA mission with these 2 new Phase II SBIR efforts:

 Z7.01-4632 –Planetary Landing Lidar – Fibertek has developed a novel Geiger mode lidar architecture that can process Geiger mode data faster than the sensor can acquire it. In this effort, we will develop space traceable low swap FPGA based data acquisition hardware. We will demonstrate the solution by using simulated data. Our goal is to show feasibility to map a 2k x2k pixel scene in less than 2 seconds.

 Z8.02-6032 Technologies Enabling Distributed Spacecraft Mission (DSM)This effort will develop new ultra-low SWaP technology that can transform our previously developed Compact Laser Communications Terminal for use in intersatellite links as well as deep space downlinks to Earth using relay satellites. This technology aligns with NASA ScaN vision of high-speed end to end space communications links.

NASA Selects Fibertek for Two New Phase II SBIRS:

Congratulations to our technical teams for developing new technology that is moving forward to a Phase II effort. NASA has selected Fibertek for the follow efforts:
Z7.01-4632 –Planetary Landing Lidar

Z8.02-6032 Technologies Enabling Distributed Spacecraft Mission (DSM)