summer interns

Summer 2017:

With summer coming to an end, Fibertek, Inc. reflects on the impactful contributions made by four of our 2017 summer interns.  Below are highlights of each intern and the experience they had and the contributions they made with us over the summer.

Jeffrey Bautch:
My name is Jeffrey Bautch and I had the pleasure of interning at Fibertek this summer in their IT department. There never was a dull moment and I have learned so much from this experience. I have learned about the hardware and software of this company as well as installing new computers from the start. I was able to observe my peers and take a strategic approach to solve the problem. Now I have the knowledge to fix and install most drivers and downloads to properly run any desktop or computer.

Alex Corba:
My name is Alex Corba and I am going into my junior year of college at the University of Massachusetts majoring in accounting. I was fortunate enough to find an internship with Fibertek this summer and was thrilled. I found myself in a helpful working environment where I was never afraid to ask questions. One of my main tasks involved getting familiar with reading invoices and being able to pick out information we would need to enter them into our accounting software, Costpoint. In the world of accounting, data entry systems are a must to keep track of all transactions in a simple and organized fashion. I am pleased to say that I became very comfortable with learning and using the software. I also work briefly on billing projects and got a taste for how fixed cost funding works. Over all, it was I had a great experience and learned more than I thought I would.

Rose Mesina:
I worked directly under the supervision of the Director of Business Development performing tasks associated with the business development process, Fibertek’s business network, and the company website. I helped asses the pros and cons of keeping the current process and participated in a workshop to understand the available tools and reporting capabilities of a new project management platform called Daptiv PPM. I applied these tools to migrate data and generate automated reports for the business development team. I also developed a repository for Fibertek’s business contacts and used this to help expand the company’s reach in LinkedIn. I also collected reviews of the current website to help in the process of improving Fibertek’s online marketing strategy.

Irene Young:
At the beginning of the summer I learned to use Product Center, search and alter files, find pieces of equipment using their ID number, and I also learned how to link pdf manuals and data sheets to this documents in Product Center. Is a lot of work due to the existence of more than 2000 ID numbers, but once I learned how to speed up the process was it was easier. While doing this, I learned a lot of new things about the equipment here in Fibertek. At the same time, I started scanning the POR and QCIR files, and making sure they were added to the incoming inspection folder where PORs and QCIRs are kept. I finished creating new equipment IDs using Costpoint; this will make easier for the CM department to find the Calibration IDs when needed.