Our Core Capabilities

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Fibertek has been developing innovative laser and electro-optic solutions for the military and NASA for over 30 years. Our Engineering Support  Services (ESS) and Technical Research and Development (R&D) staff have the experience, expertise and analytical capability to provide engineering support for a broad range of customer applications to develop highly precise optical and electronic subsystems that operate in all environments. As an ISO 9001 certified company, we pride ourselves in high- quality hardware that can be field tested, integrated on a platform or launched into space.

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Fibertek  has developed lidar systems (Coherent and Direct Detection), for Terrain Mapping/Topology, Wind Sensing, Target ID Situational Awareness, Space Docking and Landing,  Underwater 3D Imaging; and Chemical/Bio Detection and ID. These systems have been integrated onto various ground and air platforms.

Fibertek offerings include, but are not limited to, Ultra-Compact Designator/Rangefinders, High Energy Short Pulses, Narrow Linewidth/Locked Frequency Converted lasers and novel fiber laser transmitters.

Fibertek has developed systems that have flown in various space missions and high altitude aircraft -lasers for NASA Earth Sciences for Aerosol, Altimetry, Vegetation,  O3, CO2, CH4, Terrain Mapping Topology applications and other Space Docking and lunar altimetry applications.

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Fibertek is developing laser communications systems for underwater and space applications. We have focused on custom fiber laser transmitters to provide high peak powers for Pulse-Position Modulation (PPM) waveforms, fast receiver electronics, novel pointing, tracking, and full electro-optical system designs for small communications terminals that can be used on vehicles like cubesat.

Fibertek’s Engineering Support Services (ESS) Division has supported the U.S. Army Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD) at Fort Belvoir, VA since 1996. This supports includes field testing, equipment management, and facilities support. Fibertek also has engineering support contracts with NASA and the U.S. Army Communications-Electronic Research, Development, and Engineering Centers (CERDEC).

Fibertek  experience in the area of electronics includes but is not limited to Prototype through Spaceflight, System Controllers, Laser Electronics, Rangefinders Electronics, Lidar Systems Electronics, Detectors/Receivers (Photon Counting, Coherent),  Digitizers (0.1 – 6 GBPS), Imaging 3D Arrays, and Spaceflight (Class A/B, International Space Station or ISS).